The Physical Body Speaks

21st January 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The physical body comes through strongly today to speak and this message is speaking directly to the physical body quite strongly energetically for some to receive this message.If you are feeling pain or discomfort, whether muscle ache, stiffness, headache, tension in the temples or neck/shoulders the physical body is showing you it is holding tension. Some of which comes from an over active mind the thoughts perhaps have been running, particularly if they have been in a space of fear lately.

The body is asking you to move it, to stretch it out, get into water if you can, pop some epsom salts in a bath, massage it, oil it, support it to release at this time. Notice how you are holding your body, are your shoulder uptight or relaxed, is your breath shallow or deep and full. A lot is being transmuted and we need to support our physical body with the process, free it up.Just bringing in awareness to what the body is carrying for you.

If you can take some time each day just five minutes is enough to sit and breathe deeply, see all you hold running through, being pulled through your body and into the earth through the soles of your feet. Close your eyes and tune in to your body, feel into the parts of your body and see, sense where it is holding on to tension, where it feels blocks or the energy is not flowing freely. Don’t over think it what you receive is right, trust this, start to trust yourself and your knowing more, the more you do the more it opens.

Make it a point over the next few weeks as we enter into February to do this release on a daily basis to bring in calm and to let go of what is ready. Support you and remember your tools that work for you. This is self-care, this is self-love, this is self-responsibility, this is what your body today is speaking to you.

Much Love xxx

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