Self Expansion & Vibrational Shifts

6th November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

You have been within so much deep transformation and your understanding of yourself has expanded greatly. Just as your awareness to all that you have involved yourself within, past experiences and choices made, the part you played whether it helped or hindered you, regardless all has been learning, has become so much clearer, such clarity has been coming in, insight that at times it is as if you are just now seeing and understanding a past experience/s as if for the first time. See the role you and others played in the dance. In new ways you see, you feel, you know and you now act. It means that there has been deep learning and integration on your part, this is what you have been navigating, so many simply won’t be going back to re-navigate some of these same past situations as you now, the you that you have grown to be, this newer version of you won’t connect with the same people or make the choices that bring these situations back up, or if they do for further mastery you will choose so very differently within how you react, respond, entertain and navigate them they won’t hold the impact they did the past times around. Great endings and new beginnings all around you.

Some may feel a little different around some people or feel as if they are seeing others as if through clearer eyes, a knowing and understanding of who that person is that didn’t exist before. For some your ability to feel compassion and forgiveness towards past experiences/people has been life changing for you. Some relationships or connections with others may feel a little weird, you can’t put your finger on it but something feels different, this is likely the vibrational shift you have gone through, your expansion in light being felt so you won’t feel on the same level as some (this is purely vibration being spoken of, there are no levels we are all equal, all), all is well you are just feeling the shift and this can result in some people drifting away, some coming closer together or some wondering why they even connected in the first place (said with love). This again is your expanding awareness of yourself, all the parts of you, what you are receiving, what you are emitting, what you are picking up on from all around you, and what you are now choosing for yourself.

Your desire for peace, peace within, a peaceful and open heart, and within your outer life connections that has come about through your expanding deeper understanding of yourself, and others, your hearts expansion through your continual letting go is really starting to show through and shine through all your choices moving forward in all aspects of your life. You are choosing to create from a space of love, of peace, for yourself and all. A beautiful space to be creating into physical form. And no its certainly no all ‘perfect’ all of the time, we are always learning and practicing and learning and practicing, its how we evolve.

With Much Love xxx

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