What’s calling you, are you paying attention?

8th February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

As the inner child came through yesterday asking us to do a little check in with what we are really needing and to look at our work/life/joy balance, todays message is about what information you may very well be receiving at this time in the way of little thoughts, insights, whether you may feel it within as an energy building or just a nudge guiding you, many are being guided to take something up or revisit something you enjoyed that you have let go. This could be a gift a talent from childhood that in the busyness of ‘adult life’ you have forgotten. Whatever it is it is  coming up for reason, for some this is Soul remembrance and nudging to lead you towards greater purpose and fulfilment and for some this is also the Souls and the inner child’s way of showing you what you need that will bring about greater balance. There feels a mix of purpose and self-care/love being given here and it will be uniquely individual to us all.

There feels a push within these energies to that which we are ready to open to, it is up to you if you follow the spark. Things are amplifying and it is a potent time to set intentions and imagine, dream big, and to act and step when opportunity presents and feels aligned. Just check in however if you feel resistance whether it is fear talking, limiting beliefs that hold you back. It all flows from within you so check in what is speaking to you, is it your head or your heart, which is guiding you or is there a balance of both. Bring your head into your heart and ask it to work in unity with the heart.

We want to as much as possible keep ourselves within a higher vibrational space (as best we can). You can (and I do this) if the thoughts run off, the mind becomes  louder than the heart or is ruling the roost, or your energy feels heavy is to pause and bring your focus to your heart space. See, sense, feel the spark of love within you see it filling your chest, feel into the love, the unconditional love, the Divine love present (as the heart is your direct connection to the Divine unconditional pure love of Source, that which you are One with and a part of). Within each breathe relax, let go and allow this love/light to penetrate all of you, every cell, every space, all the layers, the emotional, mental, and physical bodies, push it out to clear and expand your auric field. Breathe. Now seal it around you, hands on your heart, breathe in and as you exhale say “I AM peace, I AM Light, I AM LOVE”. Feel the power of each word, exhale deeply and allow this truth to vibrate through your being.

Blessings and much Love xxx

Light Code ~ Sinking into Trust ~ SoulLee Connected (c) 2022