What is Illuminated comes to assist your path

9th February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Today I was guided to the cards and we have received Illumination, Flow and Potential. All that is being shown to you within your experiences, within your relationships your communications and interactions with others, your thoughts, asks you to really notice how they feel within you. Do they leave you feeling good, expanded and joyful, or do they bring anxiety, do they stir and literally shake your being, notice even the subtle signs and messages. What emotions and sensations arise from within your heart, your solar plexus, your mind. What guides you and communicates to you and through you that attention may be needed, or that arise to lovingly show you that you have indeed outgrown certain stories you still exist within because of habit, patterned behaviour/routine, safety. Some of these within our lives have been knocking on our door for a long, long time but we can ignore them for many reasons as we may not be ready to make that change or we are unsure what we would have to fill that space, it feels too unknown, or they simply feel a part of us and our lives. But what is being asked here is to take a moment to feel into it, really be aware of all of you, do they FILL you in ways that really now nourish and expand you, who you are now, do they feel supportive or depletive, do they literally feel energy less? How do they make you feel?

So much is being shown to us to help us to let go and create space so we can really be fully open to the new structures being built, so we can continue to add to the new foundations we have been creating. So much potential around us. So much of it you can’t see, for some little sparks are visible. If we can trust ourselves enough, trust the Divine plan for us, our Soul-led path and remember Soul is guiding us in all things at all times we truly can open to that beautiful new potential awaiting our conscious connection. There will be for all of us certain situations, responsibilities, even people in our lives that are calling to be brought into better alignment, and that which we have outgrown, just as we may be a part of that within another’s life.

To bring greater peace and ease GO WITH THE FLOW of what wants to be for you but know if you feel the shaking arising within irritation, frustration, projection of your emotions that have built up, but you can’t yet come to terms with making those changes or feel quite ready to let go ITS OKAY. You are exactly where you need to be within it, it will shift and move within you and it will happen, it needs to be when you are ready, so please don’t feel like you are not strong enough, good enough worthy enough or create a story in your mind that you are in any way less than or lacking if you are not ready. Its perfect, its perfect for you. Just know so you can understand what is occurring, and as came through earlier in the week that whatever is misaligned will create either resistance, friction within as the energy in motion (emotion) rises to the surface to be acknowledged. Everything is your choice, just do you and don’t worry about what another is doing, this is your journey and yours alone to ride as you please. Those potentials will still be waiting for you when you are ready and little step by little step you will meet them dear heart, be sure of that, in your own divine time.

And a little pop in – You may not be able to help those in the world that you know really need it right now for many reasons but remember the power of prayer, of calling in Divine assistance and love, healing and comfort for those that need it, that costs nothing, it requires nothing of you but your love, your heart. Prayer is free, love is free and the power of both is beyond words, immeasurable.

Much love to all xxx

(Card images by Sacred Destiny – Denise Linn)

They guided to not retake the image as you will notice that Illumination and Flow are quite blurry, perfect they said! For just as it may be for some at this time getting clarity or understanding of what is being shown to you may feel hazy. Being able to hold a space of flow may be harder from one day to the next, all perfect you don’t need to change it, it is as it is to be. The flower blossoms and shines through all, the flower is you.