Sinking into Deeper Trust

21st October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Everything you have been through, worked towards and experienced has led you to this point now, but can you really see the beauty in the space you are in, the beauty within you in this moment or do you feel dissatisfied? Do you still hold attachment to outcomes, attachment to wanting to keep things the same when they are your old and outdated ways? Do you hold expectations of yourself that lead you to feel you aren’t in the perfectly right best space within your now? Remember your future you are created now, you are creating your future now with your choices, words, actions, thoughts and beliefs in this very moment, so what Spirit wants us to become really aware of is that you now are creating your future you. So how is that looking? Again what are you choosing?

This message comes through with an energy of strength, for it asks of you not to be giving up. To know if today is a day that doesn’t feel so good, that brings emotions or thoughts that you find hard to deal with or a situation doesn’t turn out how you would have hoped or dreamed it would, perhaps you feel let down by another, know it doesn’t mean anything is lost, you aren’t going backwards, you are NEVER going backward there is only forwards there is only growth and learning which is designed to empower you, propel you. All is always shifting and changing and you as the creator being you are have choice within every moment.

Yes some situations we find ourselves in don’t leave us feeling or able to see clearly that we did had choice available, some things such as how others behave, act and express we cannot control, we cannot change no matter how much we wish they would or that you may try, we have to allow them to be. The one thing we can control that we can change and choose is how we act, react, think, and allow ourselves to feel. We have choice in all for the self and it can seem really hard sometimes to remember this. You just do the best you can in it that is all, that is all that is asked of you, do the best you can that is enough. Keep working on you.

For some – Where are you holding yourself back, where are you waiting for things to happen when what will create change, shifts, movement within your life is awaiting your action, waiting for you to create the change you want to see. For you to take the little steps that create the energy and then the universe responds with action around your actions. Know you are more than capable, more than ready and sometimes we have to just start something dive in and commit, get the ball rolling, nothing changes or moves unless you create this action. You don’t have to have it planned out to the tenth degree, don’t have to know everything, so many of us feel we have to which ends up staling us for so long, waiting to ‘feel’ you are ready. But if you are waiting on that to start for it all to be clear to you, how long will you be waiting?

TRUST, trust yourself enough to start, to create, to be bold, take risks, even little wee ones to start, for as the saying goes if you don’t try you will never know, maybe you succeed, maybe it doesn’t turn out how you wanted it to, you don’t know what you are capable of until you try. Life is short too short to be left to wonder. Create and be your best you now, in this moment, rise beloved ones. We can be so worried of what others think, of what we view as failure that we hold ourselves back from experiencing and living in more abundance, more empowerment, a greater expanded open hearted  version of ourselves.

Much Love to all, blessings and love xxx

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