You are Emerging

31st May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Awareness to any negativity that creeps into your mind as we experience the last day of this month of May and enter into the half way point of the year. Focus on how far you have come and all that you have worked with and moved through especially through the eclipse period. We are integrating all that we have move through over the last month or two so allow yourself space to do so, let the mind take a back seat and let go of judging how you feel, where you are at, especially let those expectations go of yourself and where you think your life should be, how it should look and feel, and trust the process. You have been through deep change, your entire being has been changing on a cellular level and emotionally you have been taken through some powerful personal shifts that have allowed you to clear and release some deep patterning, untangling a lot of past connections. Remind yourself daily that you are deserving and choose to shift/lift yourself out of any negative mind chatter. Flick it away (as best you can) as you set the tone for the month ahead.

May has seen you move through some incredible shifts, one that has further called for you to sink deeper into loving ALL of you, all parts and aspects of the self, letting that inner critic be silenced and seeing yourself as the Divine being you. It has asked us to work at shifting our perspective to one of gratitude and trust and not seeing ourselves as lacking or incomplete. We have been further learning that self-judgment separates us from ourselves, from our powerful love. It has definitely brought forth that which we may have been trying to avoid or haven’t wanted to acknowledge. See the beauty and the power of what you have travelled this month, these last few months, and know that things are coming to completion here.

The Fox joins us today to remind us to be gentle with ourselves as we adjust, allow all to settle within.

With Love xxx

(Image courtesy of Power Animal Oracle by Steven D Farmer)