Allow yourself to Feel

16th March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The deepest of truths may be rising and with this message I have been drawn to check what is going on ‘moon’ wise as I feel this is connected and yes indeed there is a Full Moon on the 18th. So what is occurring for many, whether you are aware of the moon energetic affects on you or not is many of us may be feeling its energies ahead of time. The inner truths are no longer able to be hidden and this may feel really mucky for some of course depending on what you have stuffed down and kept covering up, not allowing yourself to feel. Our hearts are calling for real honesty so we can look at changing, shifting and letting go of that which is not serving us, that which we thought we were okay with but really some things we are not and we have been too fearful or not ready to feel as they will bring about big change. Our hearts are looking to make space for in this space we can fill it with better for us that which aligns in love and who we are now. This may be big for some but the best thing you can do is stop running from feeling and allow it all. Being mindful of being drawn into patters and behaviours that help you to feel better but are really a way of numbing yourself and for some this may have been a way of being for quite some time, avoiding feeling. The way through this, to clear this is to feel, feel it in its entirety for the beauty that is ready to open, the you that is ready to emerge is indeed beyond beautiful.

Much Love to all that are experiencing this portal of change and truth in their own ways.

Lee xxx

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