The Body and Recollection of the Past

15th March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

It feels that there is a lot of information coming and it is being shown as being able to make much better conscious connection with you especially around health, your energy levels, your physical body. Listen to what is being given to you, look after yourself especially if you have been feeling the need to make an appointment, add something to your routine or to your diet. If you have been guided to add a certain supplement or mineral to your body but haven’t. with all that is going on in such a busy time of change individually and collectively it is important to support out physical vessel so that we are better able to do the work we are here to do, to be the best we can be and to especially have the energy and clarity to do so. I am aware that many may feel depleted of energy or struggling with fatigue, we can only help ourselves and take responsibility by looking at what we are lacking and how we can better support ourselves within this.

On another note there are old memories swirling in, whether through thought or dream space, the old and the very old recollections of people and past experiences/relationships. Many of these come to show you what you have already moved through, how far you have come and all you have learned within those experiences. They show you the situations that you don’t want to repeat or that if come into now you would have do differently, it is sowing you what you don’t want to repeat and how as you walk within this moment you are being given opportunity to choose and be, do different.It feels what may be coming up over the next few days for many is the resurfacing or what is restricting you as we are called from within to be the best versions of ourselves possible in our now, and this shifts and evolves as we do. What are you being called to do for yourself and what is becoming more aware that you need to give to yourself or let go of, what is restricting your forward movement into greater freedom?

We are so much better at understanding ourselves and our emotional responses to situations/people within our lives. We are so much more self-aware and we are actively working with this greater insight about ourselves within all we encounter and fee. For within every moment there is opportunity for us to explore, to feel into the beautiful light that we are, that is present in all within us and reflected back to us from all outside of us.

With much Love to All xxx

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