Opportunity and Trust

3rd November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Opportunities present, present in each moment as we choose to keep stepping forward from within our hearts, really listening and being guided by our own knowing. Remember you hold so much within yourself, you hold everything you need and our journey is to come back to this knowing underneath all the conditioning and experiences that have placed doubt over our own connection, our own wisdom, our ability to trust we can receive souls guidance.

We all have sort guidance to support our decisions or thoughts around things in our lives, we have all sort answers that we feel we can’t truly get clarity on, we seek outside of ourselves, and yes there is absolutely nothing wrong with this however spirit guides us to be aware that too much input from others, as loving and well-meaning as they may be,  can muddle and confuse further and takes you outside of yourself and your knowing. Taking to those people that lift us and come from a space of love can really help us, lift us and bring us back to our hearts but how many times have you been guided by others and have really already known this information within you, you probably just haven’t listened to it or didn’t trust yourself enough and trust what you were receiving.

It all comes down to trust, TRUST in the self, trust in your ability to make the right decision for you in the moment or come to the right answers, actions and pathway over time. Many things can erode our trust and our ability to trust ourselves, todays message is not about delving in to all the reasons  why we can lack trust in ourselves, spirits message today is about BRINGING YOUR POWER BACK TO YOU, reclaiming your power and try trusting yourself more, being aware of where you allow the mind to come in and overthink which inevitably confuses and muddies any clarity. Hand over your heart for seven days and say ~ “I reclaim my power, I reclaim my power, I reclaim my power. I call back to me all the parts of me that I have given away, whether consciously or unconsciously, to any person, situation, place or experience across all lifetimes, dimensions and spaces. I call all back to me now as I reclaim my trust in myself and my ability to navigate my life for my highest and greatest good. I stand now in the pure Light of deep trust and unconditional love. I AM whole”. It is done, it is done, it is done, it is so, so be it.” ~ Sit for a few minutes and be still after this.

If I have one wish for each and every one of you it is for you to know how incredible you are, how in tune and connected you actually are, you always have been, start to and continue to deeply trust your own judgement, your own guidance, your own heart more, just a little more each day and within each experience to guide you and see how it builds. Your trust is the key to opening the doors to more of who you are and what you are already capable of.

Stay open, stay receptive to all opportunities that are coming into your life, trust that you are capable of being your own guiding light, believe in yourself but also know it is okay to reach out, use your hearts discernment to know what is best for you, always feel what sits as truth within you.

Much Love xxx

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