Look back in Love

17th December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Let all that is behind you go with love, you are stepping ever forward, if you find yourself looking back, look back with love for all that is behind you, it is not your now, for all has served a purpose to allow you to stand where you are. Stand in your strength, your courage, your determination, but also your softness, flow and love. When faced with any decisions, anything that needs a choice to be made, choose that which keeps supporting you and all you have worked towards. TRUST that you are within each day choosing what is right for you moving forward. Be present. For in presence you connect with your body, your heart, your light. Be present in the body in the moment for this is the space where greater clarity is found. Take a breath, feel into yourself, feel your breath rise and fall, feel the magic of being truly present within the self. Smile and give yourself a little love.

Much Love xxx

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