Its all within you Already

14th October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

The message that came through this morning is that your new is already here, already present within you around you, you already walk within it. You will get a glimpse, a feeling, sensation, moment of awareness, greater clarity of it, you ‘feel’ it and make connection, it sits in a higher vibration. Maybe it’s an experience that is for a moment, an hour, a day, you can feel yourself within this greater love, a more expansive sense of self, a space of heightened awareness, and then in the next moment, day, all feels different. This is normal, this is you navigating it all, nothing is wrong if you wake the next day and things don’t feel so good or you experience within your world situations, people that you find challenging, this is life here on earth, as the humans we are, there is no wrong.

This is the powerful message Spirit brings us and really wants us to understand, there is NO wrong. You are all exactly where you need to be, for you don’t need to be or do anything, all is choice, all free will, all perfect. You can connect to this newness, this greater love, joy, peace and awareness within you by looking after yourself, being kind to yourself, keep seeing where you switch back to the old ways of dealing with things, or adopting the ways that you know don’t serve you or didn’t work before. Those patterns, recognise the cycles and choose different. Perhaps you walk away instead of engaging, perhaps you pause before speaking from reaction, perhaps you allow yourself the time to sit, to pause and rest instead of pushing through. All this nurtures you, serves you in love, the new ways of being within your reality that allow you to connect in greater ways to the love you already are, that is already present. It’s not a destination to reach its found within, how do you connect with it, keep making choice to let go of what isn’t working, in your own time don’t compare to others for they are not you, let that pressure go. Keep changing the habits and patterns that keep creating separation or that shrink you rather than expand and empower you.

You are a creator, a part of, what do you choose to create, to colour your world with today, what do you choose? Hand over your heart, feel the life within you, the love, breathe and smile.

Much Love to all xxx

Pic courtesy of Unsplash free images