Our Triggers are Gifts

27th July 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Our awareness to what triggers us, especially that which brings up agitation when we feel the energetic charge surge through the body and the nervous system in response. This is where we are called to dive deeper and be our own healer, our own sleuth, to notice all the parts of us, the thoughts, the feelings, the repeating patterns and themes playing out. What was occurring at the time of that triggered response? Start to pay greater attention to join the dots as the triggers are brought up for you to make change around, all to propel you forwards, to move you out of stagnancy and open to greater freedom within.

What needs to occur here, get in deep and be lovingly honest with yourself and the part you may be playing for this is where healing takes place. Is it a change you need to make, is it bringing in forgiveness for you or another or both, is it letting go of blaming and seeing from another’s perspective? Is it choosing to allow peace and to walk away instead of projecting your reactions. Is it a boundary that’s missing that needs to be created or redefined? Is this a repeating reaction to words, actions, situations with another, what do you feel?

We are so very lovingly supported to keep opening to giving ourselves permission to shine, to be seen, to be our own unique expression of love in all our beauty and light. To radiate who we are our true essence out into the world. Lovingly encouraged and supported to keep rising, to not shrink ourselves as we have done to fit in or to conform to what we feel another wants, needs or demands us to be for them to feel comfortable or in control. Explore your triggers with an open heart and mind. The triggers are highlighting in love, they are the breadcrumbs, the gifts that light the way to greater openness, wholeness, Oneness.

With Love xxx

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