Connect to your Creator Being

19th September 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Love, love the beauty and power of your creative nature for you are a creative being at heart. Can you open your heart and allow what wants to be created within your life, that nurtures, supports and expands you to come forth? Can you give yourself permission to act on what you have been holding within your heart for some time now, open to those desires and acknowledge and recognise your absolute worthiness. Allow your unique expression to be seen, heard, shared in the form it is desiring to be birthed through. Know that all ways you express right down to just a smile, a touch, all is your way of expressing and sharing your love and light in this world. Go forth and shine dear heart in all your spectacular magic.

If you are feeling a little introverted today, a little soft emotionally, feel a little disconnected from others, or not included, loved, it’s okay. You hold all the love you need within you, hands over your heart and breathe deeply, bring yourself back within to the safety and love of your Divine connection with Self, your heart and the Divine Source of All. It will pass, your inner feelings around security and safety have been triggered a little. Remind yourself you are creating now in this moment and in this moment you choose to recognise that what is past is past, any form of limiting thought you feel or think is not your truth, not the truth of who you are radiant being of love. You are a BLESSING, A DIVINE BLESSING, try not to allow how you feel in a moment to carry through your entire day or shake those new foundations you have been building on. Let it go with love. Embrace and remind yourself of the beautiful Soul that you are, ever changing, ever expanding, ever luminous. Ever creating.

With Love xxx

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