You are Supported to Trust

16th February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

We are reminded of the incredible support we have that is streaming through the Angelic realm, through our Spirit guides, the beings of Light that walk with us on this human journey, through Source as we are encouraged to keep creating with empowerment. To radiate this energy through the heart so all our thoughts, words and choices are radiating in love so the future now we are creating is aligned and serving our highest, our hearts desires and our personal needs and boundaries. Feel into the energy that each word, choice, action holds as a guide to what is aligned, feel.

Again those ideas and creations that have to this time just been held in your thoughts, the heart are looking to come into form, new ways looking for space. Play with them, notice how the energy of creation or a little forward movement with your ideas no matter what they are feel, how they feel in your body, the energy that they produce. Connect with it, interact with it, feel it, feel into it and speak with it. Ask what is my first step here, how can I best create with you, how do I best express you?

Your energy may feel a little lighter and a little more ‘energetic’ you may feel the lifting of what has been felt as an unmotivated or flat energy to many over the last week, lethargic. Its interesting as what is being show is two sides of a coin in relation to how we feel when we take a step forwards or step out of that comfort zone and allow what is within our heart to shine forth. It brings a feeling an energy of upliftment of joy, and carries an energy that inspires and we feel motivated, feel momentum around it. The other aside of the coin is being turned over and along with the excitement is where the shadow can also creep in, in the form of those old running patterns of doubt, the old fears, the buts and what ifs. Perfect, nothing is wrong here for we are being encouraged to recognise our fears and what is occurring within our own emotions and what beliefs are attached and use this to empower ourselves forward, to flip the coin by not ignoring what has arisen but to use it as a gift that motivates you to push through and go beyond where you have been before. To step that little bit further towards your heart’s desires. You hold the ability within you, you are ready to expand past what has stopped you in your tracks in the past, you are ready to allow yourself to be seen, to express in ways that you haven’t felt safe to before. YOU ARE SO READY to TRUST yourself as your heart knows Soul is closely guiding you and not matter what experience comes from any action, no matter the reaction to your action, choice, left or right turn you make you are always supported and will receive exactly what you need to for your empowered growth. Walk with the doubts and love them, love yourself as a whole.

“Trust yourself dear hearts for it is time is it not to know yourself deeply as an empowered being of Love. Do not see us in the higher realms of light as above you for you are us and we are you, we are created from the same Source and we celebrate and acknowledge the courage you hold to walk this human journey. Rise up in your power dear hearts and explore the creative nature of your being”.

With Love xxx

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