Expand Yourself Beyond Old Limitations

28th November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

What comes through today comes in image in my minds eye so I will try to explain what I feel/see as best I can, it is expansive, expansion of the current space/state. Its about expanding the mind, the beliefs, the thoughts past what you believe is possible for yourself, your life, who you think you are and are capable of in all ways and being open, opening yourself up to greater magic than what you currently believe is possible for yourself. You are what you believe yourself to be, you attract what you believe yourself to be worthy of.

Your experiences have given you so much wisdom and knowledge on top of all that you hold already as the infinite Soul you are. What are you ready to explore, to dive into, what are you wanting to learn more about, what does your heart call you to? Have you been holding back from saying yes, accepting an offer, leaping into learning something new as your beliefs get in the way, your head gets in the way, the ego rises to tell you that you better not step out, rock the boat or rise up lest others feel uncomfortable around you, or wonder who you are as ‘they’ like you in a space they feel comfortable with? Breakthroughs and insights, openings are on their way dear hearts, trust yourself trust the divine plan for your life as it unfolds and offers you something you may have wished for or something out of the blue you never thought of, explore the possibilities, grasp hold of them.

Know that you are enough, you are worthy and trust you are so very capable, dive in and expand yourself past what you thought was possible. For we have been practicing our mastery of being in flow, coming back to the heart, seeking sanctuary within a peaceful inner heart space, listening to our needs and getting better at knowing when to act when to slow, the feminine flow. The more we have the more we find we feel a sense of greater balance within the chaos or what feels disruption at times in our lives. This practice of flow also assists you to take action towards creating your beautiful future reality which you are forming within every breath.

Keep expanding past old limitations, keep your mind your heart open. See and know yourself as expansive, as limitless and prepare to receive with open arms.

With Love xxx

(Image courtesy of Freepik.com)