Todays Message with Love

27th May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

There feels a shift, it’s a little lighter and brighter today so you may find you come into greater clarity particularly around ‘seeing’ what is occurring, the root causes and illuminations within relationships that may have been coming up for you. This was also talked about in yesterdays message. It’s a time to possibly find ways of bringing resolution or more balance to your relationships for all has been highlighted that is not in alignment and wants to be brought into greater harmony for your own peace and all involved. This may mean you are being asked to give a little and be flexible to find solutions that bring in greater balance and resolution. Be mindful of where you are trying to control or being too rigid. Keep the lines of communication open and run your words through your heart. Be mindful that others that are not as ‘in tune’ with understanding and knowing about energy and don’t have a better understanding spiritual (to call it that) about what they are experiencing in their lives, may be going through things of their own and they are dealing with it as best they can from where they are at. Take a breath and pick your moments wisely, remember all can be said and come from a place of love but that still honours you, your boundaries and allows you to stand in your power (powerful self-love)/love).

Be present, within your day be aware of where your mind and thoughts are focused, are they present or flicking back in the past going back over old stuff. Being grounded and present allows you to tap into the magic and information being given to you, all around you in that moment. It is an open space that allows you to receive, to be receptive. Your consciousness is expanding so rapidly that what we are guided to remember and keep reminding ourselves of is that what is wanting to break down, be let go of, shift and change within our lives, whether it is a small thing or a considerable change opens you to the breakthrough awaiting just through/after the change. All is opening you, expanding you, and working to bring you into greater empowerment. Remember change is constant, you are always within a state of change and expansion. Keep reminding your mind, your personality that you are safe to change, to welcome change, it’s okay to feel nervous or uncertain. Fear is normal but keep practicing not to allow it to keep you stagnant and closed off. Keep opening your heart in trust and hold love. Keep reminding yourself of the Divine being you are, of your own divinity.

Keep choosing love, choose to be in harmony, be present within yourself, keep out of what separates or seeks to create separation. Now more than ever we are reminded to stay out of fear and old beliefs that cause separation and choose love, keep coming back to love, hold it in your heart and remember our connection to the All, we are all One, all connected.

Much Love xxx

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