Feeling & Awareness of the New Forming

22nd February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

There is a flutter of a nervous excitement energetic this morning, or perhaps is it actually the nervous system which is being effected/feeling within us? It feels like anticipation and a deep knowing that there is the ‘new’ for each of us forming. It’s like the body, the being is already aware of it (it is) and thus why we are seeing or being guided to make shifts and changes to plans ‘we thought’, the mind thought were one way but may be wanting to change shape and come through differently, redirection – See yesterday’s message. You may be feeling this within the gut, solar plexus, digestive, bowl also and the heart. As always give to yourself what you need to move through any physical symptoms you may be processing within these current energies with love and ease. Try to keep the mind out of creating stories that play within ‘somethings wrong’ (that being said of course don’t ignore your knowing) and support yourself and your body. Allow it to be as it is, if you feel tired, body fatigue/aches go slowly feet up where and when you can, salt baths, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Stay as light in the mind as possible, be aware of your thoughts and your focus. What you have been wanting and working towards is coming closer.

There is a lot being cleared from the body on all levels and layers as we continue to disconnect from that which we have left behind, that which we processed last year, the past as we open to more of the self, ourselves as Divine beings, as Love. We all continue to rise and dissolve and transmute the layers of conditioning, programming and trauma, beliefs that have held us within the mind, separated from the heart, the true self, the Soul and the Divine Source of All. The key is the path back to the self.

The angelic realm is close, the Archangels very present, call on them for what you need assistance with, they await you in readiness with love.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of Pexels.com)