With Love

4th August 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Today brings awareness to the different energies at play, they show different streams, one stream is moving within through us that is illuminating what is not of love, or what has not been of love (past) whether this be within relationship, particularly past relationships where we haven’t fully processed or healed from our experience of it, coming to the surface whether through revisited emotions, memory, dreams, for us to see what we chose to have in our life at the time, what we allowed and how that didn’t really serve us in love, didn’t honour or allow us to bloom. All comes up for release and further healing so as always just allow it observe it and breathe with it, within it. Allow it to move through you. Keep letting it go with love and gratitude of what it came to teach you about yourself and serve you to open to love.

The second stream that is noticeable is this beautiful supportive and forward moving energy, very masculine feeling to it (action) one that comes to assist us to get up and out of where we have been perhaps feeling a lull energetically, physically, mentally, sitting on the fence, procrastinating or wallowing within and feel more ready to step out, to take action, to get creative again and to get going. All the inner work and what you have been travelling deeply through for some months now, however that has appeared through your unique experiences, the emotional clearing this has brought, the heart clearing, solar plexus release has served to create greater freedom within. This making space has opened you, your heart further and what you have been creating and created is space for the new to be present, to have space to be. Continue to make choices that serve, to be aware of what triggers you, niggles from within or irritates/frustrates you and see you are being given opportunity to react differently, to perhaps let things go, this doesn’t mean condoning bad behaviour or disrespect or anything like that it, but it means you consciously choose your higher response/action, have full awareness of what you wish to engage in. You are choosing peace for yourself much more often as you have shifted. You don’t wish to or have the stomach for the old dramas, this is your change in motion.

Hearts continue to open wider, a time of such deep heart expansion that we are within as we allow the past to be let go of and this is why for some you may have ‘felt’ that things in your world have seemed more amplified or in your face, you are feeling more, or feeling there is a lot going on emotionally and whilst this is so it is also that you are feeling your feelings with deeper intensity, presence as you are connecting on new levels to what is going on around you, within you and with others, the world. This is the heart opening and so what this also comes to teach us or we find that we learn along the way is the learning that you can hold a space of compassion and love for another or observe the goings on outside of you, within your family, the collective/world but you can observe and keep yourself separate, not in a heartless way or void of emotion but to not take it on as your own stuff, to not feel too deeply into the energy or what is not yours. This is a process we are within and a part of why for many things seem to be felt so much more deeply. The heart is opening and we are feeling the waves as our hearts consciousness expands. You are opening to higher levels of love of light.

Questioning who you are, questioning your place in the world, your truths, beliefs and purpose, what you value in your life, what matters to you is all perfect and all a part of your rise, your awakening journey. You may not have all the answers in fact I’m sure no one has it all mapped out and clear but nor is it meant to be for it is for us to explore. We are moving through such a rapid time of change, the transformation and dissolving of the lower energies and the past stories and programs is beautiful in its process yes and not in any way an easy ride at times however it really does feel we are coming out of this work and into a new way, a new era, slowly, slowly we emerge, hearts opened and leading with love. Keep choosing to see and seek the beauty that is present within you, around you, keep allowing yourself to blossom and expand in love, in light and in truth.

With absolute love, Lee xxx

(Image courtesy of Stockvault.com)