Give to yourself what you need to fill you up

19th July 2023 1 By SoulLee Connected

Take a few moments out, take as much time as you need or are able to give to yourself if you are feeling the intensity of your experiences what you are moving through become a little overwhelming or overloading mentally, emotionally. Try not to just ‘keep going’ but fill yourself, use the tools you know that support you. Come back to rest and reset, to bring yourself back to a greater balance within. This will help with the emotional body and assist you to not come/act from such a reactionary space, old programming and beliefs if you are triggered (remember all comes up to assist you to move through what you need, the trigger is the gift). Take a breath remove yourself from the people, places (perhaps overcrowded and over stimulating spaces particularly if you are sensitive and empathic as many of you are in this space) and saying yes to others commitments, responsibilities where possible that don’t feel good, that at this time ‘feel too much’ mentally, physically and particularly on the nervous system.

Practice giving to yourself and nourishing your physical vessel which works hard and has for many of us been neglected or not loved as it has needed to be for some time, all has been connected to our own self-love and sense of worthiness. We are all working within much deeper levels and layers of self-love, working to bring all the unhealed and unloved aspects of self into greater acceptance (unconditional love). So to support this and yourself do what expands your love, your spark of Light, whether that is listening to the message that is telling you to rest slow it down, to meditate and pull back from the busyness so you move through what you are with greater ease. Keep that body hydrated, up the water intake is the message from the organs, the circulatory system and the heart. Pulling back and reassessing redefining your boundaries and being more aware of how things (people, relationships, experiences) ‘feel’ to you, going deeper in your awareness of self and not just trying to push through it to get to the other side will help to bring you greater clarity. Find your peace within all.

Choosing the self, honouring the self opens us to more of our creativity, our power, our Light, our essence. Choosing the self and knowing the self to be worthy of love of receiving has been something that many of us have struggled with. Keep allowing your journey here to unfold, see the beauty in the experiences being given to open you to yourself.

With Much Love xxx

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