Signs & Rapid Change

27th October 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Have you been receiving signs, messages, synchronicities that are showing you that you are on the right path? See they come to encourage you onwards, to give you that much needed glimpse that you are indeed supported and guided closely. Trust in your path ahead, trust in yourself, keep your awareness to any negative thoughts, criticisms and judgements that you entertain in your mind and cancel them out, they are showing you your old thought patterns and beliefs, when they arise ask yourself “Is this truth? Is this my truth? Is this of love?” No it is not. Can you feel how you are restricted with these thoughts rather than feeling expansive can you feel it within your body, your heart, your mind? See the old as it arises, without judgement just notice it, thank it for showing you what you are letting go of what you are seeing and moving through, what you are rewriting and disconnecting from. You powerful Soul are choosing different for yourself; you dearest Light continue to rise and open. Your heart expanding.

Things feel very instant very quick paced in respect to any change or action you choose to take, particularly that which you have been procrastinating over and putting off for so long that serves you, you will see the almost immediate result of it to encourage you. All supporting you to take those steps forward and make those serving higher choices for yourself in all areas of life, with yourself and within your connections with others, you are holding the light high and your courage faith and determination to choose a higher path, one of least resistance of peace for yourself is having a flow on effect to all you encounter. For some your light may trigger within others that which they are yet to uncover and bring into love within themselves, all is well, hold love for all no judgment, let it wash off you (you are getting better at this, just observing/non reactionary, neutral peace) for all open in their own divine time.

With love xxx

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