August Emerges with a Shake

1st August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Good morning beautiful hearts on this rainy winters day. It’s the first day of August and some of you may be feeling your inner being is a little shaken or unsteady as you move within the energies present. Remember all serves to move us to be within a more authentic express of our truest selves so if things feel unsettled, as best you can, choose not to jump in the hole and over think it all or think things are wrong, it may have you feeling a little weird but the more you surrender and just allow yourself to move with and within it the easier it will be. Be aware of what may be illuminated for you, what comes up as all is guiding you to greater inner freedom. See it all from a higher perspective and look for the insights and wisdom that all is around you. Some may be feeling it within the physical body, a need to rest, feel fatigued or even unwell, listen to the body’s messages to slow it down, this is very important, the adrenals and the nervous system are being shown as a bit frazzled within some. Prioritise self-care however you can. All serves to awaken us to what is needing to be brought into greater balance and what needs our attention, self-care has been a missing piece for so many of us for too long. Listen to what your body needs and honour it, honour your needs.

Much Love xxx

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