You are Magic

24th November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Today I will describe what I am being shown is occurring for many, I feel this within myself also, its like the little last strands are clinging on, hesitant to leave as we haven’t quite let go, or aren’t quite there yet, that are still attached to the old ways of being, the thoughts, emotional reactions and stories that we have walked within for so long, that are a part of us, or so it feels. They are trying to let go, to detach but there is resistance which you may be experiencing through the body as if it is trying to hold on to, to cling to what it knows, as the new, the yet to be, the unknown or even what you feel you know you want doesn’t have its foundations yet, its structure feels a bit wobbly. So when we feel this within and if it doesn’t feel secure this is when we naturally want to cling to what feels secure and stable, the old us, the old ways we are familiar within, regardless of if it is not aligned or whether we have outgrown ourselves or not.

At this time bring to yourself what will help ease the energy within, what feels go to you, whether it’s a gentle walk, walking meditation, or vigorous exercise where it gets your heart pumping and body sweating, you may feel to sit outside or meditate although this may feel hard at this time with these energies. Many are feeling to go within but it feels hard, try not to get frustrated, do what works and feels right for you. We are all different and will be feeling this in different ways. Feel into your body and observe, feel it, feel the energy the light within you, what is going to feel good to you to help you move with this? Experiment be your own guide. The main thing is to know all is perfect, be gentle on yourself again as came through yesterday especially if the mind is racing or this energy is bringing up the doubts and fears especially the self-critical, self-attacking ones. Change takes time so when you find yourself playing in your old ways that you are really aware you want to shift out of be kind to you, it takes time, awareness is the start, be kind to you beautiful being. YOU ARE MAGIC.

Be the observer, support yourself how is best for you. Many are feeling they need much more sleep at this time but at the same time night time is very active, many waking’s. All is well transformation is occurring at a rapid rate and your physical body and your humanness is trying its best to navigate it. Conscious awareness of the self, this is what we are mastering. Remember the pause, remember to take a breath or two.

Much Love xxx

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