1st March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The image of thousands and thousands of, the word comes through as ‘guardians’, angels, beings of light in the higher realms all around as today, I feel this is so as there is so much occurring on the planet at this time. They surround us, there are masses and masses of them all holding love for the beings of the earth, all life. Especially for peace, to support those that are in places of despair, loss, grief and sorrow.

The message of self-love looking after yourself especially those that are empathic, highly sensitive, for you may be feeling the energies of all occurring outside of you with greater intensity within you. All are guided to find time to sit and clear your field, bring in and draw down Divine love, use the tools you have, disconnect from that which is flooding your mind as I feel the stirring and for some it is building up to a point that the physical body is reacting to it. Take a breath, come back to yourself, come back to love. Pop on a clearing meditation, sit in nature, hold a tree, be with animals anything that brings you back to love, to peace, to the beauty that is present and all around us within what is occurring at this time.

All will be well know this if emotions and thoughts are building. You hold the ability to give abundantly to yourself and others, be also free to receive when you need. Keep your hearts open for yourself and All.

Much Love xxx

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