Flow, Expand, Shine in Love

2nd February 2022 1 By SoulLee Connected

Again the message loud and clear to keep practicing letting go, particularly from within the mind, and yes it is a practice to keep recognising when/where your thoughts are taking over your presence, your peace, your flow and to lovingly send them on their way, but with practice is becomes habit and with time something you become naturally aware of in just BEing and a greater space of flow and peace is found. Its all about as has been streaming in so much lately our greater awareness to the power we hold to change and control our energy, our state of being, we are the masters of our reality.
Control is also coming through, our human need/want to control (and some struggle with this more than others, all is fine) whether it is want to control an outcome, a person, the way something is being formed, its pathway/direction. When we hand it over and allow our minds to take a further back seat we are sinking into greater trust, we are outwardly showing the Universe, Source we hold trust in our Divine path, trust in ourselves and our ability to navigate all. Trust that all will be for you that is indeed meant for you, all will work out the way it is meant to for your highest and greatest good and trust that sometimes things may appear harder, feel perhaps uncomfortable before we break through, but that all is necessary. Trust and knowing that some experiences are to be played out the way they are as this is where we do our greatest amount of learning, our greatest wisdom is gained, our greatest growth is formed, within that which may test us, or take us out of our controlling, comfort zones. Spirit asks us to remain open, open to all and that means all experiences, all ideas, all learnings for we tend to only feel that the ‘magic’ is within the ‘feel good’ moments, when actually there is magic in all, it is usually not felt and seen within the hard until you are through it and you can see the changes, all leads to greater, all is actually precious. Flow assists us within all.
Breathe in and feel into the beauty energies swirling and streaming in to us today, it being a glorious 2/2/2022 day. Walk within your heart in all you do for we are forming greater heart-mind connections, our hearts are opening and for some the heart opening will bring up experiences that may feel challenging. Choose compassion, kindness and love over fear, keep opening your heart to the beauty and love that is so deeply present within you and SHINE your beauty out over all, radiate your love and your powerful light for you and for all. You are magic, you just have to believe you are, to trust you are to feel the depth, the greatest depths of this truth.
You are truly amazing and hold so much more strength, wisdom and love than you realise.
Much Love xxx

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