Total Solar Eclipse – Let it go

20th April 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Embrace, surrender and allow the waves of change and transformation to move through you. A powerful time to let go of attachments to old ways, to continue to make commitment to yourself to walk a higher path and continue to choose to align your words, your actions, your intentions with love.

The Total Eclipse occurs today, thousands have come to witness it from our State of Western Australia, we have all whether conscious or awake to what has been occurring energetically been present within its energies what has been illuminated for all of us has been seeking change and deep transformation from within for it can’t come with us if we want to step into a higher version of self, higher vibrational light, it is beyond time for the old ways that don’t honour the self, don’t sit within truth, where you don’t take responsibility for self to be dissolved and transmuted, they may have been arising within relationships with others or self, and they do so to ‘set you free’, to give you the gift of freedom from what is blocking your flow of love.

The Sun (solar) being connected with the mind and action, as it is cast into shadow by the moon, moving into shadow has meant that we too have been witnessing and having reflected to us deep shadow aspects of self that are ready to be brought to Light, the ‘hidden’ has no place to hide and why it may have felt messy for some. We are ready to let go of the stories, beliefs, patterns, old rigid ways we have been stuck within and tied to because of belief systems held, time to hand them all over and welcome the new. We are ready to transform.

Sit today in stillness if you are able and call forth Archangel Michael to be present, cut cords with anything and anyone that your heart brings forth “I forgive you please forgive me please forgive me I forgive you”. Cut cords and hand it all over to Archangel Michael to transmute, asking for all the spaces to be filled with unconditional love. ** I have done a short audio for this. ** Please take a few deep breathes into your being before you start the audio and please allow yourself gentleness and time over the next few days as all settles, integrates and continues to work out of your systems. Excuse any noises at the beginning and my beautiful Ginger at the end meowing to go out into the Sunlight he just worships.

With absolute Love, Lee xxx

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