Focus, Awareness & Change

13th March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Focus, focus your efforts, your time, energy and love on one thing at a time if you feel you aren’t really making headway or feel you are running in circles around what you want to create, attend to, change. Is it because you are trying to do too much at once, are you spreading yourself too thinly over too many things and therefore diluting your efforts and energy?

If you are feeling a sense of overwhelm when you look at your life, feel as if your eyes have suddenly been opened to all the things that aren’t in balance or aligned with who you have grown to be – take a deep breath and exhale slowly. When you awaken further and see more clearly, clearly feel the vibration of your relationships, your home, your own being it can feel overwhelming, for where do I start, how do I start, do I want to start? It can all run rampant in your mind and stir an emotional pot that doesn’t feel too good.

You are seeing, feeling and existing from a different space, a higher vibrational space and so all that isn’t in alignment with your now can suddenly feel very much in your face, it can feel too present! One thing at a time, it may feel like you need to get everything attended to right now so you can feel more a sense of being in control, but you don’t. One thing at a time, bring it back to focusing just on one thing at a time or you may find yourself going around in circles and feeling emotionally overwhelmed. When you try to make change with everything too quickly it can feel unstable and as if you have had the rug pulled out from under you. When you have new awareness brought to you that is the first step made, awareness, for from awareness choice can be made, you can start to make aligned changes from your newer expanded perspective. Go slow, clear out the junk, clear your spaces, lift your environment the energy of the environment you inhabit to assist you. This shift in awareness doesn’t just occur once it is an ongoing process as you move through your life.

In each choice, action, moving forwards take a moment to check in with yourself, is it what you want to say yes to, to create, to act on, to express? Is your response, thought processes, actions coming from an old self’s ways or newer version of self, where are you acting from and thus creating from? This is how you start to make impactful change, it is within the moment. So choose from now forwards, remember you can start afresh, anew in each moment, you can choose a different direction in your day that brings something new, you can choose a different response to that loved one or partner, choose how you project your emotions, choose to try to see things from another’s perspective, choose a compassionate approach to self and others, choose before judging too quickly. We make change in the moment as we choose to align our thoughts, words, actions with what we want to now create, to now be within. It is conscious baby steps that lead to sustainable change for the betterment of your life and all.

Much Love xxx

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