Todays Messages, with Love

5th September 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Allow, allow, allow, relax your resistance to change, let go dear heart and trust that all will be okay. Our beliefs, routines and habits that we have stuck with for so long are coming up for review this month, decisions and choices to be made, if you choose to of course you can always ignore what surfaces and keep things the same, that is also a decision/choice made but you may very well feel the uncomfortableness of it. Yep I know!

Whom and on what you are putting your time, love and effort into that you feel is not being reciprocated or feels out of balance may be niggling. Boundaries that are out of alignment may come up as resentments if left go and not reviewed or acknowledged. Observe your emotions and your emotional reactions, the energy moving within your body as it communicates with you. What are you ignoring, wanting to ignore or feeling and projecting out on to others as blame or judgement? This is particularly focused around our closer relationships, where is out of balance that is creating discord within, many will be old threads and patterns still playing out that you haven’t yet properly addressed or brought into alignment with who you are now. See any rumblings as a gift instead of an upset (as best you can) as they come to find peace, release, resolution that best serves you and all involved.
Emotions may be a little washy or tender this week as our deepest needs to feel loved, feel complete, worthy, feel others have our back and feel cared for may rise, especially around those we care deeply for. It may wash through you here and there, it may rise up as a sort of deeper unhappiness, a sadness present, just flow with it.
The little parts of us that don’t feel loved, that haven’t been brought into love, those parts that haven’t felt honoured, seen, heard, supported, loved may make themselves known to you. If it feels a little hard, you feel out of whack within it all do something that brings you back into the heart, out of the head, get out in nature, go for a walk, breath work. All is well, be gentle as the emotions wash in and out for we know that this deeper want to feel loved cannot be fulfilled by another or with ‘things’. It is a deep, deep, calling of the Soul to come back to love, for you to love yourself yes that little bit more and that means honouring your boundaries and taking care of your needs so you can be the best version of you at this time. Just do your best with it that is absolutely enough, try not to judge it or yourself as right or wrong good or bad, allow it to shift within you and through you.

For some – Truths may be revealed and this also feels to play through this entire month, eyes opening wider to that which we have resisted to change or bring into better alignment. Some of these truths may be hard to swallow and so we can have the tendency to want to hide, to not see or acknowledge them as they have possibility to shake our worlds in ways we feel we aren’t ready for. Know that all change serves purpose and although some may feel hard it is much needed too propel you through a sticky or sticking point. No taking things so personally and being able to observe and feel our emotions but not (as came in last week) get sucked into a deep hole with them will see many travel any changes with greater ease. You may even wonder what all the avoidance was about as the truth reveals a new way of being or existing within yourself or with others that holds greater love and harmony.

‘Find the peace present within’. Awareness to your balance of BEing and Doing, remember your practices that support you. We are being shown different ways, new doorways and the possibilities to doing things in different ways within our individual worlds. Keep opening your heart as many are feeling that it is the right time or coming into the right time to get to the finer details of projects and new beginnings. Be open to new insight and more information coming in to you that expands the bigger picture for you.

Hands on your heart, close your eyes and feel into the love present within, see a stream of brilliant pink and white light streaming in through your crown filling your entire being. Sit within the love that is always available to you and the unseen support that is always around you. Fill yourself up dear heart.

You are always moving forward, you are always on the right path, you are always exactly where you need to be.

Much Love xxx

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