Open your Heart within the Push & Pull

9th August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

There is a bit of pushing and pulling going on as the energies stir, some may be feeling this manifesting within the physical body, the muscles, joints, bones in different ways, not just within the mind. As we feel the pull, the drawing of the newness all around us, of change, pushing up against what is our now, the spaces within our now we have well and truly outgrown, stretched beyond but have yet to let go of. “What no longer supports you Dear Heart, what no longer nourishes you? Something to look at often and keep assessing as you grow. Open to the natural flow, of letting go, to the natural process occurring and what you allow yourself is greater freedom within”.

What is residing within your heart that wishes to be but which you resist, you restrict your growth and further expression, expansion? Where are you fighting or are you allowing yourself to be within flow, to surrender to the direction the Soul guides or are you feeling the restriction? The energies around us at present are powerful to say the least can you allow your mind to let go and surrender knowing, surrender outcome, surrender expectations of yourself, others? Being, just being. The heart space opens for us to feel to be present with the light and the dark, the shadow within so we can bring into greater acceptance and love all the parts of us, bringing what is within shadow to the light to be seen, loved, healed, forgiven and finally released with love. “Divine heart open wide and receive the gifts present within your beautiful heart light”.

As you feel the push and pull within, witness it within others, keep choosing to open your heart. Be aware of when you go to close yourself off, when you choose to restrict yourself and consciously expand your heart light. The power is within you, choose love and feel the expansiveness of the love present the love that you are.

Much Love xxx

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