Butterfly ~ Transformation

3rd November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The butterfly comes through today with the message to re-read the message from yesterday. The butterfly coming through confirming as we are well aware of that we are in a time of deep and profound transformation, it can look and feel messy at times, it can look and feel a little scary at times but it can also look and feel beautiful at times, especially as you start to emerge and you can better see what the road you travelled has unfolded in your life, from within you (it may not be visible completely for a while but you will see and ‘feel’ it over time), how you have indeed emerged and you are different.

If it feels a struggle look into what is occurring within your experiences and go deeper, ask to be shown what you are not seeing to assist you to see what is really wanting to be released, shifted changed, or just allowed, allowed to flow naturally. Where does your (perhaps) resistance, stubbornness, the fight to keep things how ‘you’ want them to be, familiar, making things feel a little harsher? The Universe, Source has other plans for you, Soul knows ahead. Awareness and openness as best you can to what is wanting naturally to change, rearrange, realign, leave, whether relationship, friendship, belief, routine, or plan, outcome, direction. Trust, trust, trust, all is okay, all is perfect. Letting go to trust can be hard and a practice we allow to unfold in deeper ways over time as many of us are so used to (consciously and mainly unconsciously) controlling. The mind and the ego deeply rooted to resist change.

Keep connection in with your light through this time, with your heart, find stillness and peace where you can and allow what isn’t yours to be responsible for or to hold, to do for another to be let go of. We all must be responsible and accountable for ourselves and when we carry or do for others what is for them to learn and grow from we actually are not helping them at all. Hold space, and love for those that are moving through transformational change that they are struggling with, mentally and emotionally it is big and not to forget it is also very big for the children particularly those sensitives, the feelers. We can’t do it for them and the natural instinct as parents/carers/ loved ones/friends can be to take it from them to make it better, but if we do they don’t learn what they need to. Instead you can hold a beautiful space of love that allows them to feel safe, supported and loved whilst they do.

There is beauty within every-thing the transformational magic that is occurring and what it continually working to open is indeed beautiful. This is what the butterfly shows us there is beauty within transformation and all do emerge and fly in their own way, at their own pace, and timing.

If you are feeling a little snowed under remember you have the power of choice and you can help yourself although it feels hard when you feel in the thick of it or feel pulled in too many directions but continue to make commitment to yourself to make time to enter your heart space, call in the Light of the divine heart and fill yourself up. Use nature to recharge, receive the suns light, recharge and clear with salt baths or the oceans power.

Remember the beauty within everything and what you focus on and what you emit (think, speak, act) has incredible power to create in your world. Create peace as best you can, allow, flow, surrender. Hand it all over, with love.

With Much Love xxx

(Card from Animal Spirit by Kim Krans)