Dive Deep and Expand

12th April 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Taking a deep dive into the self is how it is being shown at this time, so don’t be surprised if things from long ago are coming up for reflection, no need to get involved mentally within them. ALL comes to show you how far you have shifted in your sense of self, your worthiness, your love, your wisdom, how much growth has taken place. This is to be celebrated! All is bringing you deeper insight into just how much you have changed, this remembrance being shown to inspire you lovingly onwards, upwards in your journey of self-discovery and returning to wholeness.What is inspiring you at this time, where are you being lead, what are you being shown, the more you follow your intuitive and hearts knowing’s the closer you come in your knowingness that you are indeed a spirit within a human experience. Keep trusting your pathway, keep trusting even if you can’t see or connect with what lies ahead, be guided by what lights you up, you will when it is right, for now sink into trust. Call upon the frequencies of trust and breathe them down through your being, see them coming through your crown and filling you up. Exhale and allow them to settle throughout your being. You are opening and expanding in the most beautiful ways, its okay if you cant quite feel it or have conscious awareness of it, just trust it.

If you are shaken a little emotionally this week, even agitated at times, feeling a bit restless just be aware that what you may be experiencing is the old wanting to be let go of. Any attachments that you still have to certain patterns, behaviours, situations the soul is pushing you to make change as the human self, the personality is likely holding on to them. It is a loving nudge through the soul to move past and evolve through certain things so you can move on, step into more of your power and open up to more of the you that is ready to be seen and felt, experienced. So perhaps when you feel emotions, no matter how they present or arise just check in with what your thoughts are, what is the trigger of the frustration or emotion? Are you holding yourself back or using things outside of yourself as reason to blame or shift responsibility, there are deeper messages awaiting to be uncovered. Ask to be shown. We had the message of self-responsibility and accountability come through days ago and this ties in with this message as all is moving you to look at where you are restricting yourself (avoiding, deflecting), leaking or handing over your power to something or someone outside of you. ALL is lovingly guiding you to stand in more of your greatness, your love, your light.

Today if you are able it is a good day to sit with the energies coming in and allow some time to just be present with yourself. Feel into your heart, feel the love present within you, feel into who you are, feel your expansiveness. From your heart expand your light out around you, make yourself big. Fill yourself up with pink and white light and as you exhale expand it out and all around you. Feel your connection with all, your interconnectedness, feel yourself as truly a part of the One. There is an influx of light being shown coming down through the crown, you may feel it, connect with it, a brilliant white light that supports your deeper embrace of your spiritual self. There are insights coming through so if you can make time to be present and peaceful it allows you to make connection with them, they may not come straight into the conscious mind but you are receiving. Huge creative energies are very much present. Remember the power you hold as the Creator being you are.

Much Love xxx

(Light Code – Expanding the light that you are, expanding your energy field. Make yourself bigger than anything that feels it holds power over you.) Free Personal Use only not to be reproduced. – SoulLee Connected (c) 2022