Openings & Support Abound

24th March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

You are so supported at this time to step into your power and to take charge, to step out, to finally make moves to get ahead in whatever aspects of your life you feel you have wanted to make progress of any form within, revitalise, resolve, heal/release, bring to alignment. Particularly that which is new you are being given the extra energy support to bring into your world, to make space, so remember within this you may find that what is ready to be let go of, what no longer aligns with the you that you have grown to be may be rattling and shaking to get your attention, the illumination is for good reason and purpose. See the gift it brings to expand your life in a good way (the result).

What do you still hold within that you have kept locked up, what gifts are ready to be seen or shared even to just one person (for now, as your courage and confidence builds), what part of you have you kept hidden, and can you now allow it to come into the Light and be seen? Are you feeling more ready, inspired, able, worthy? The Solar plexus and sacral are illuminated within this message, feel into what stirs here, if you have the Chakra Codes, or not, sit and focus and see what messages and insights may be sitting within these energy centres for you.

How you perceive your past, your past experiences is changing, and you may now find that you see, feel and know from a higher perspective, the emotional charge (energy in motion) may feel different now, not have the same response within your being. Celebrate all that you have moved through and the incredible version of you that you are in this moment. Big, big inner work has been moved through, huge shifts have occurred whether you know it consciously or not, you are amazing never forget that you are worthy, you are loved, now keep going forwards and let Light lead you within all in your day. Send it ahead of you so each step is bathed in love.

Much Love xxx

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