Balance & Grounding

16th September 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

As we come into a deeper awareness of what within our lives is looking for change, what is unbalanced rattles within and through our being, remember all comes to serve you to propel you towards greater harmony within life, within your systems, your heart, your mind. Balance and flow the heart is seeking, all aspects of you are seeking, so you can reside and rest in greater love, greater peace. Greater knowing of your capability to create for yourself that which you desire to live within. It all starts within, all connects from within you Dear Heart as your Soul seeks to bring greater harmony and balance to your DOing and the BEing, the masculine and the feminine flow coming together in divine marriage, unity as they support, love and honour each other, move and shift together as one.

You are still shedding and brushing off the threads connected to the past, the past self, that which you have moved through. Allow the remnants whether they come back up as emotions, thoughts, dreams, to fall away as you keep working to build the beautiful new reinforced structures that support your greater self-respect, positive loving boundaries and self-love, compassion and faith.

Use the breath to move your energy from your root/base down into the Earth’s core, then drawing that beautiful, grounded E energy of the Mother back up, drawing it all the way up through your body and out through your crown. See it split into two streams as it exits the crown each running down and around either side of your body circling down and coming back up through your feet. See it circling this grounded energy up around and back within in a continual motion, loop. This is particularly helpful if you feel spacey, distracted or find you are overthinking things. Bring it all back within.

Much Love to all xxx

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