Belief and Trust

10th February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Your belief, and interestingly the word belief came out as ‘beef’ so I also feel to mention this as for some it may be the little things you have a ‘beef’ with, even yourself over things that are limiting you, that are ready to be let go of, are they really necessary? Perhaps you feel for your pride they are or for a need to be seen as right or its just stubbornness they are being held onto? Some of which may be you awaiting the other person or trigger to back down or give in in some way but is it worth it, can you take the higher road here?

They have an energy, all has a vibration, the beefs and annoyances carry their own frequency, is it one that you wish to hold? And now back to the message ~ Your BELIEF and trust that you are able, that you hold all you need, your trust in your ability to do, to create to bring about through your inner being what you wish for, what you desire to see within your reality is playing a massive part at this time, as it always does, but it feels really potent right now to moving through within your power and with grace and flow.Again where is your focus what is it upon, what is it tied into, is it past or present, is it fear or love, does it create a feeling of lightness or density within? We are all awakening further to the truth that we are creating and projecting our future now, within each breath, thought for all frequency/energy. So if we can become more acutely aware of the stories we are telling ourselves, what old stories are running and unhelpful to our forward manifestations and the space we wish to radiate from we step even further into our powerful mastery of self. We cannot create as we wish it to be, for it to be all it can be from a space of old and outdated behaviours and energies, we can but what it will produce will not be as potent as you hold in your mind and heart.

Greater self-awareness, seeing within the self, the whole self with clearer eyes and knowing this is what the inner work is bringing us to. Really getting to know ourselves as if observing from a space of the higher-self perspective. We are embodying and are becoming able to really anchor in higher frequencies of light and thus connecting in new ways with ourselves, new awareness’s coming on line. All coming in to greater self-mastery and sovereignty.

Keep going as you really are opening to more of you, more magic, more wisdom, more love, yes even in the times you may not humanly feel it, know Believe and Trust that you absolutely are.Remember we are all One, we are all connected, send your powerful light and love out to all. This message today is one reminder as well as one of acknowledgement and encouragement for your dedication to yourself and all you have been doing, how you have been moving within these times and yet still commit to rising.

Much Love xxx

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