Stand in Light

28th April 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

It is all the work, the inner digging up and clearing, the beautiful Soul healing that brings you greater awareness, knowing, of Self, of your Beingness and thus we are more sensitive, receptive and open to the energies present, that have always ebbed and flowed through our Universe/s. It has been our greater ability to come into surrender, acceptance that has been our powerful foundation of change, a receptive state of understanding that all is well and that we all are powerful and capable enough of moving through anything that comes. As we continue to choose to stand in our powerful light, allow love to lead us in each breath, we form our new reality. Keep opening to love in each moment courageous hearts. All continues to release that only serves to hold you back from your magnificence, your worthiness, your abundance, your Love.

This Light Code came through this morning for all to use freely with Love. The Light she holds open for you is assisting the softening and opening to your greater surrender to all that is, for resistance only serves to block the change that wishes to be for you. Release to the greater intent of love.

“I (say your name) surrender my (human) will to (my) Divine will”.

With Love xxx

Light Code – Softening into Surrender – SoulLeeConnected © 2023 – Free Personal Use Only

This Code will also be placed in the ‘Files’ menu of the SoulLee Connected Heart Channelled Guidance Facebook Group for download. The link to join is on the Home page at the bottom. If you are new here or missed it in the Group there is an audio for Guided Code Connection in ‘Featured at the top of the Page’ you can also download. Contact me if you are having trouble finding it or would like it emailed to you.