Allow Light to Lead You Through

27th March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Feeling the push the desire to do, to take action, to take that step but at the same time you may feel you have a lot going on, whether physically, mentally, emotionally arising. There is a lot is still leaving, releasing and being illuminated so it can feel a bit of all sorts at times. All is well, don’t make it into anything it is not. Allow with peace with grace, and exhale.

Your presence and awareness of self what you are choosing for yourself and where your attention is being directed is important at this time as you we creating rapidly for ourselves, it is quick, and for your future self now. Be aware of where you feel out of control ungrounded, aware of what is triggering you and keep coming back to the breath, to take a pause before you speak, do, decide in order to be centred and anchored within yourself within your body. Present in your power so the choices and words you express/do serves you and where you want to go and what you want to create in your life and is not just unconscious reaction to another’s shadow, trigger or past arising.

This time can be really powerful, you can make headway if you choose wisely, choose with conscious heart awareness and connection. That project or dreamy idea you have it can be achieved start with baby steps, a little at a time as it is so easy for another day to be passed by, another week, month and you feel you haven’t got anywhere towards those goals. Make space for many hold desires, whether it is to create time for a relationship that is needed, time to start putting pen to paper on that draft, time to resolve to do one better thing for your health, your body. You can do it, you can choose differently, you get that opportunity in each moment, be really aware of yourself and start to make those changes that bring into your reality what you desire. You hold the power to create your life, remember this. How are you perceiving everything going in your world through the eyes of fear or love, what are you choosing? Its not always easy by any means use the pause, close your eyes, three deep breaths in and out into your heart space, slow it down and remind yourself of who and what you are, you are not your past, your stories, your thoughts, your essence your true essence is love and this is available to be tapped into in any moment you choose.

You are entering a new cycle paint it colour it as you wish it to be, remember when you feel you are attached and tied to another’s stories, your own past stories and limiting beliefs that they don’t have to define your experience, you are so much more than. You only have control of yourself, allow others to be, stay out of judgements, practice neutrality and flow in each moment and you invite in peace. The more you do it the more it becomes a natural way of being. When you feel resistance or discord, discomfort within your body, mind, emotions look at what is occurring, what might you have attached to, what have you chosen, what are you trying to control or resist are you trying to push again universal flow and direction? The discomfort is the clue, feel into it and find the wisdom within it just awaiting you.

Let Love, Lead with Light.

Much Love xxx

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