Act/React with Love and a Little Humour!

23rd May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

We are guided to see through anything that feels tight or restrictive, that is drama based and see the opportunity it presents for growth. The big one is how we choose to navigate it, keep choosing to be within a higher space as you deal with the comings and goings today. A little humour wont go astray.

Anything that feels challenging calls you to again put into practice all that you have worked with this year and particularly over the last few months. So much has been cleared and so much has come up to ‘test’ our new way of being. Don’t doubt your capability to handle all that is in your path and your ability to navigate it with love at the core of all.

There has been a big reset and it takes time to adjust, have no fear you are moving forward and building the foundations of what you have been asking for, the seeds that you already planted with your intentions and love at the beginning of the year. You are creating more space within; you are becoming more expansive.

Notice where you may be avoiding or resisting getting to something, of doing. Just be aware that the more you stay stagnant you may find that those doubts and fears around your capability to do may surface.

Much Love xxx

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