Pause & Flow

30th December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Today’s message speaks of slowing it down and become particularly aware of where you are speaking, reacting and creating from over today and tomorrow as we are guided to be within a space of gentleness and flow as we see out the last few days of this year. Check where you want to react is directed from, is it from the heart, the soul self, or the mind reacting from the personality rather than from your in flow higher knowing.

There may be a tendency to feel quite reactive, coming from a space of no filter, so if you can pause and take a breath into what you feel about to spurt out will assist you to not create possible drama and upset that once said can’t be undone. Some of this may have bubbled up as it feels long overdue, reacting from the hurt self, the wounded and blaming self. Can you have a deeper look into your emotions here, what’s really going on underneath your emotional reactions, where is the root and what are the situations and circumstances that have contributed to its cause? What part or lack of a part are you playing in this? All a little invitation to dive in deeper and release or make change to serve you better, with love.

Much love to all. Lee xxx

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