Allow the Waves of Newer Awareness

10th June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

This morning I am shown waves, waves washing over us, around us, through us, waves of energy that in one now moment you may notice you are very much aware that you are tapping in to a calmness, a peace deep within, even if for a fleeting second, a deep knowing is felt through your whole being, it is recognising and feeling the shift that has taken place within you, you feel and connect with your newness, the space you have created in the healing and clearing the changes you have made over the last few months. Some are experiencing such a deep awareness that there are no human words to describe it, it’s like knowing all but nothing at the same time, an awareness of the whole. And this may then change and feel different within the next wave within the same day or hour as a wash of old emotion, memories out of the blue come forth, just allow them to float through as they pass by, you don’t have to hold onto them or dive into understanding them, this isn’t about bringing them to life again. We are guided to be the observer, be present within all we are experiencing, all the waves that are active at this time, this may find you placed within situations and encounters with others that give you opportunity to put all you have mastered and moved through into practice, to take a breath and actively choose to use the wisdom gained. You may notice yourself seeing a particular person/s differently as if to see through them in a way, there is an empathy and understanding or knowing of what they are travelling through as you now see them in a different light, from an enlightened perspective. Perhaps you find yourself able to observe and hold compassion whereas before you felt anger or frustration towards another or a situation, and if not then that is also okay, we are practicing and doing the best we can, it doesn’t mean that because we have shifted that we have perfected all our reactions and emotions, thoughts to be from love, but we are working on it, we are coming to hold and anchor greater levels of love within. We are containing to expand within our hearts as we choose to better care for ourselves and this flows to others as we greater realise we are all connected, we truly are, we are all One. We are choosing to come back to love more and more within our day to be aware of ourselves and practice making those aligned choices and decision that serve us not separate us. There is no wrong as we are all doing the best we can in each moment. Keep being the powerful Light that you are, if only you could see how incredible you are, how Source sees us. You ARE MAGIC! Remember you are doing it you are always moving forward especially in those times you think you aren’t.

Much Love xxx

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