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22nd September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Before I sat to type this morning my Mum rang from Melbourne, they have just had an earthquake, for Australia this is unheard of and was felt across half the country. The last thing that the most locked down place on earth needs right now as there is much unrest amongst the people and the Earth is showing this to us. I hope everyone is safe, your pets are safe and your houses. The earth mother speaks and interestingly it times with the equinox which is upon us.

It is such a massive time energetically, so many lightworker or whatever ‘label’ you would like to place here are really feeling the strain within the physical and emotional body, as most are empaths the collective energies are being felt also as well as their own at this time, so it can make it hard to determine which way is up, what is yours. What spirit wants you to know if this is you that it WILL pass, we are all in the midst of incredible transformation and the process is not going to feel all love and light and easy for many. We are shifting through such deep layers; the physical body is undergoing such huge changes and rewiring.

Keep yourself open, flow within all as best you can, all is incredible, all changing for the best and highest outcome, the most benevolent outcome for all, keep holding deep trust in this. Keep connecting in to your Soul self, find peace and be within your body. Open the heart, keep it open so you can receive the love that IS present.

Align to love, hold the path you wish to travel in your heart and remember the incredible being that you are, a soul within the physical body navigating all at this time. Remember the power of your trust and faith and ability to manifest within your reality. Hold your connection with the Earth Mother deeply to see you through these energies, especially if you find yourself feeling physically or emotionally affected. If you haven’t made those changes that you have been guided to especially if you have been guided by the body, is it time to listen so your whole being can move within with greater ease.

Amongst this there is the beautiful higher light streaming in, the love streaming through to touch each one of us, it is easy to forget how supported and loved we are, to hold trust and faith in times when we are feeling rattled, or our world is not feeling the peaceful space we wish it to be, whether as a whole or individually. There are deeper truths that are available to be connect to at this time so keep your heart open, keep making those choices that are best for you in all ways, keep choosing to align with the highest timeline possible for you.

Keep anchoring your light, holding love and your heart open as you receive the beautiful frequencies that are streaming in and are present amongst whatever you are feeling. You hold the power to connect to and anchor some really amazing possibilities over the next day or two. Keep expanding as you all open to further experience your own unlimited nature. Are you expanding into this or holding yourself back from it? Keep allowing the limiting beliefs to drop away as you let go of fears and doubts and open to the deeper knowing that you are limitless, expansive and infinite.

Much Love xxx

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