9th May 2023 1 By SoulLee Connected

Trust. The golden Codes of transformation are working within your being to assist your processes at this time. Continue to sink into trust, to allow trust to comfort you and support you as you continue to move forwards. This week for many may feel a little tight, little irritations may come to the front within your relationships as you are trying hard to keep a balance of peace and calmness within, still interact and be within the world and get everything done and at the same time ride the waves of change. Keep clearing your fields, your centres (chakras) your bodies of any tension and stress keep using the practices that work for you that you know you need to keep up to assist you through. Remember you can choose to stop and reset, take a few deep breaths and recentre yourself when you feel the tension or overload rise, don’t let it get to on top of you, moving your body also helps to move energy through you. Remember your power of choice to either allow the thoughts to spiral or use the breathe to calm and see with higher wisdom, perspective what matters and what doesn’t, what is yours and what is not.

Remember when things don’t seem or look to have changed or you feel presented with similar situations that bring rise to familiar uncomfortable emotions and thoughts, nothing is wrong. You are being given opportunity to gain greater mastery, to put into walking practice your powerful ability to make choice. To choose how you perceive things, see from a higher perspective. It is a practice that you are being asked to now walk in your day to day to assist the bringing in and maintaining of what you had set your heart and intention to months ago, and at the beginning of this year, that which you chose to release at the end of last year as you stepped into 2023. Walk the walk, talk the talk, keep moving towards what you want to be within, create. Hiccups or days that feel harder does not mean that you have gone backwards or that change isn’t or hasn’t taken place, it has, this is simply your opportunity to walk within and practice your mastery of all you have come to know, to hold that wisdom and bring it into your life, this is the practice.

You are creating dear heart, let not a perceived set-back or block, emotional period or encounter lead you down the path of doubt, mistrust, don’t allow anything to overshadow your trust in all that you have worked to create and your ability to bring it to fruition, your belief that it will be so. The seeds you have planted are still growing roots, some are sprouting but haven’t yet broken the surface so you can’t as yet see them, some you are seeing a little glimpse of. Nurture and tend to your seeds by being the light that they need, the love that they need, that you need you to be. You may not feel all love and light from one day to the next, but it doesn’t mean anything is wrong, try not to create stories from that space of doubt or feed them. Ground and anchor your love deeply within, draw on the light of the Divine to fill you up as you move through this week. Stay centred in trust dear hearts. All is well, you are always heading in the right direction, there is never a wrong way it is only your perception that this is so, your perspective is powerful in your creation of your day and what you attract to you. Cancel out the perception that anything is wrong and rewrite your story in Light.

Call Upon Archangel Uriel three times to be present with you. Ask that he bring light to any situations that you feel lost within for it is when we close ourselves off from Light is when things can go amiss. Hand it all over and ask for help, guidance and allow the information to come, it may be instantly, or it may be days, trust and allow it to flow to you.

“Archangel Uriel please help me to acknowledge the Light within me and which I am made of. Help me to be within observation and release judgement so my emotions may be calm and balanced”.

“Archangel Uriel protect my Light, guide me to see it and bless me to know it from the depths of my being. Help me to understand the love within me”.

I ask for the help of both Archangel Uriel and Archangel Gabriel to assist my communication, harmony and peace within my relationships today and all days”. Thank you thank you thank you so be it.

With much love xxx

Photo – SoulLee Connected – Open to receive the golden healing light present within this Rose quartz generator