2nd August 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

It’s all about ‘Freedom’ creating the space within our beings and yes we do this by releasing and letting go and this allows us to create for ourselves from a new space of openness. Letting go has been continually coming up we have heard this so many times but the process of releasing, of making change is usually a layered and step-by-step process that depends on not only our choices, our readiness, but how well we receive or not the learnings present, so it can be subtle and gradual not an instant ‘fix’. We keep progressing towards what we want to see and be in our lives by our commitment to be open, to be aware and present, conscious and observant which allows us to feel all of (our) self, to truly witness ourselves and how each piece (aspect) of our lives feels to us, what fits what doesn’t, what we are trying to push into place that simply won’t go. Some pieces used to fit and now they don’t feel so secure, they are wanting to come away or need to change shape to be able to now fit with the version of you that you have become/are moving towards, that you are expanding into, as you continue to make choice from your heart and choose different for yourself.

The letting go creates the space, the freedom to allow newness to have space to be. Each choice you make no matter how small has a flow on effect so see each new decision or action as playing a part. It feels a time of not just thinking it but doing it, really taking action whether it is just within your awareness of old patterns of thought when they arise choosing to cancel them out in that moment and thus you make change which has effect. Be aware of self as you feel the familiar energy, emotional rise of an old trigger point/reaction and choose to take a pause, to not project but to come back into the heart, you have made huge change, stepped forwards. Choosing to get out and move your body even when you cant be bothered, instead you walk gently, you have made change, you have chosen yourself over old behaviours. All little steps lead to monumental change over time, you break patterns, routines, habits and beliefs.

Again they say it does not matter if you feel energised or lethargic at this time, don’t compare yourself to anyone else just do you, feed yourself what you need, what nourishes and supports you. Do pay attention to the mental chatter and anything that is nudging you or causing frustration/irritation to rise, look closer at what is being shown to you here, have you been avoiding making change around what is arising, or bottling things up and not allowing your heart to be heard? Can you implement a small step to assist this? This is also at this time about greater awareness and letting go choosing different around the old habits of self-comforting in order to try to feel more supported, loved or secure when we feel a little unsettled or unsure, a little unbalanced and choose better for yourself. Keep trying again and again, don’t beat yourself up if you do revert back to behaviours that seek to soothe but you know are unhealthy for you, awareness is the first step, dust yourself off and keep going. You are capable of making change that creates greater freedom for yourself from the inside out, each step, each serving choice moves you closer to greater freedom from within.

The Full Moon energies may be physically felt for some, third eye, head pressure/headache, neck, digestive, bowel as they move through you/around you. Hydrate well, ask your body how you can best serve it today, ask it what it needs. It may be rest, stretching, or movement or something different.

I have asked for a card for us with this message today and we receive Change, Simplicity and Security. All supporting the messages received.

Much Love xxx

(Card Images courtesy of Sacred Destiny by Denise Linn)