Honour your Needs

4th November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The message today slow down, breathe, honour your needs, listen, rest and step back where needed. They show the cocoon, again the message of the butterfly the last few days (reread them) as it feels we are integrating so much at this time and our physical bodies are asking for assistance with inviting a space of peace and stillness, softness to do so. Grounding for some comes in as we can become flighty and very much ungrounded when we have so much going on we can be overloading the nervous system and we feel out of whack literally, out of sync. When we are not grounded our energy doesn’t have anywhere to release so it tends to accumulate in the upper chakras so we don’t feel in the body, balanced or stable.

Come back into the body and slow it all down, connect yourself with the earth. This feels important as past emotions particularly centred around unresolved interactions with others, karmic ties, where there wasn’t perhaps an opportunity or even at the time the want from either or both parties to come together to resolve or bring peace, to see and recognise the parts being played for growth within the experience so it could be completed. The emotion, thought, memory may arise again. All is well, this is a time of deep letting go of any old emotional attachments, you are creating greater space and freedom from within. Find your peace within it as best you can, let it go, cut cords, call forth the violet flame to burn through any dense or inharmonious energies, until you picture them as ash. (Violet flame and wording in ‘Files’ to download or use digitally)

Ground and see, sense, feel, imagine a column of energy from your root/base chakra running into the core of the earth, see the earth power and strength, lifeforce rising up to fill your base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, you can run it up through to your crown if you like. See your energy running down into the earth and the earths running up to fill your centres. So it is streaming in both directions continually.

This feels a powerful time for recognising what we have attracted in the past as we come into an expanded awareness so our conscious choices moving forward, our awareness to that which we entertain or not moving forward is really powerful and serving. We are integrating the Soul wisdom gained.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of istockphoto.com)