Hearts Opening and a Message for those called to Purpose

11th March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Hearts opening, expansion of the heart chakra is occurring on a collective scale, which in turn are see the emotions rise more often, all is well, just allow it there is nothing wrong here. One step at a time, one thing at a time as you continue to build the foundations of your new, continue to walk and act from your higher wisdom gained, learnings and empowerment that has emerged and is still emerging within you this year as you walk your pathway in greater connection to the light you are, to Soul.

The message again of the calling many feel to express what is within, the spark within has been lit and the call to step up and share is strong. To teach, to shine your Soul gifts, to support, to heal, it doesn’t have to be a ‘spiritual’ thing for those that care for others, that support others in creativity, in counselling, in many forms are feeling the pull of the Soul and the heart to share their unique expression to assist others to rise from the old they have found themselves in for too long. Some of these may be starting to peek in as new gifts emerging, or changes to the ways in which you have previously done, as you are changing/changed. There may be an awareness that there is something forming, you feel it but don’t push it or try to make it clear allow it all to drop in. Use what you already know to spread your light to empower and uplift others, to hold the space that so many require right now.

For those that feel the strong pull to help others in an energetic support/healing capacity as always use your intuition and discernment to guide you when another may need support or guidance. You may see it and feel it and they may indeed reach out but they may not necessarily be ready to fully receive. Some you may find are in a space of deflecting from the self, they are not really ready to go within, just yet, and this may translate to experiences that no matter what you give to them, how much love, support and energy if they are not open to receive they will say it didn’t work or look to blame, to shift from the self responsibility. And in this all is truly okay, if this occurs see through to what is occurring for them, hold them in love and know that it is not about you. This message is coming in for those that may be ‘starting out’ and these are learnings for everyone, others teach us so much about ourselves and we also grow enormously from our experiences with them. All is love. Allow the ego and the personality to see the humanness at play. Its beautiful grow.

Keep leading from the heart, slow it right down if you are guided or if things feel too up in the head with experiences at this time. Bring it back in to the heart, drop the mind into the heart. You are still within massive change and transformation. Feel your powerful light, the powerful being you are rising up, give of your light, give of your love but always with discernment for what is best and for the most benevolent outcome for all. Your heart knows.

Much Love xxx

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