Welcome to February

1st February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Hold your visions, hold on to your dreams, all is still around you that is meant for you, the unlimited possibilities present have not left you, and I say this as many of you may be feeling today, as we enter February, a sense of quiet, a need or feel that you want to withdraw a little within, crave alone time or feel in a space of quiet reflection, feel a bit soft. The energies of the Divine Feminine are very much present and will be even more so this month so if you are feeling nudged to slow it down and go within after the first month of January activity then do what you can to honour this, listen to what you need over what you feel or the mind says you ‘have to do’. This is the Soul calling for greater calm and flow, to be present within ourselves and allow the outside fears and goings on to be less present within our minds, being present with ourselves and feeling what we need, listening to our own radar and guidance, listening to Soul, instead of being within our day mindlessly out of our bodies and connected to all outside of us (so much).

Time to bring in trust, connect back to that trust, the love the light that helps to clear the fear, the doubt, the negative that seeps in from the Collective. Rest back in your knowing that all will be well, all is well and you are supported and protected at all times, in this you trust then it is so, not just think it but embody this trust so it resonates and vibrates through your every cell.

Allow the delicious softness of flow to sweep around you, draw it in to your being and breathe it deep within, through every cell. I see it as calling in the frequencies, the energies of flow and seeing it as a breeze, a wind that blows through you, around you, sweeping through and clearing everything that is not serving, all the mental chatter, the tension, clearing any blocks within your energy flow.

January has been a very active month for so many in so many ways, welcome in peace and flow to be present within your being, your bodies (mental, emotional, physical, energetic). If you have it sit within the Violet Flame Code and ask all to be transmuted and dissolved that is not for your highest and greatest good, of unconditional love, light and healing for you now. (if you would like it contact me), start this month committed to your wellbeing on all levels and layers. Flow, discernment, self-care, belief. Hold your visions for your future self which you are forming and creating in each moment, hold them high and you will see your journey through this month be one of greater connection, peace and unfolding. You are creating and shifting so fast, everything feels sped up so be really present with yourself and what you are allowing and creating.

Much Love xxx