Todays Message Received

2nd November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

“Dear Hearts, it is a time of intense transformational change, go gently, go Lightly, remember the pause to bring yourself back into the centre of your heart before choosing to speak, react, decide your next move, next step, next comment so you are choosing from a place of love that is centred, grounded and present. Not one that is from a reactionary or triggered point, one stirred by another, a situation or the minds want and/or need to control or action. Fall into flowing with the currents of change and allow the energies present within situations, experiences, others, to move through you without being stored within, to wash through from a space of neutrality. All is well Dear Hearts, one moment may not be, feel like the next, may not feel or seem to be like the one after that, moment to moment, day to day as all unfolds, this is the times you live within and why we guide you to centre in your heart space, connect with the light of the Divine, the heart of Divine Source that of which you are to assist you to cultivate as much a space of freedom as possible, that which neutrality and detachment brings. Sit within peace.

As has been spoken of so much is shifting within you individually, clearing out, connections disconnecting and new connections being made within your brain, your body, your heart, at a deep Soul level that you are simply not able to consciously be aware of all that is taking place within you. It is beyond most human understanding. Support yourself during this time by being aware but not fixated on what your mind is entertaining, let go for you are creating with such magnitude that which exists in your life. You are within a time of immense creation, Dear Heart if it does not feel this way trust and know it is so, let go. Best serve yourself at this time by stepping back from that which impacts you in such a way that depletes you, that feels weighty, look after your body as it is the house that supports and holds the powerful being you are and it needs help to hold the higher vibrations of light you are now connecting to, who you are becoming in each moment.”

Much Love xxx

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