Walk in Love

9th August 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Such support and encouragement coming in for all. Awakenings are being shown in the form of very directed insight coming in that may surprise you, that may be a completely different way of looking at things, a situation, relationship, know that whatever presents is to help ‘awaken’ and open your eyes to further possibility not yet considered, explored, new perspectives that prompt you to change something or ignite that step forward with a new vigor, leave something behind you (allow the past to be left in/as the past) all serving your forward movement.

Find ten minutes today to just sit and BE, be present in your body, in your heart and just feel, feel into yourself, all the parts of you. Feel the Earth beneath you that supports you, see the gifts of the Earth all around you, feel the warmth the light of the sun on your face, the air that surrounds you, the incredible gifts of all nature. Feel your presence, all of you. Smile dear heart and remember the magic of the gift it is to be alive. Hands over your heart and hold a deep sense of gratitude for your very breath, your life. With each step radiate the Light, the Love that you are.

With Love xxx