A Little Shift

3rd May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

There feels a slight shifting today a brighter and lighter presence, one that reminds us of the opportunities that are always present for us, the ever present magic and potentials if we just believe they are there. This feels very much connected to the message of balance and how much you may feel this may very well depend on how well you have managed to implement those necessary changes or keep up a good balance in your life. We have received the message for a long time now that the old ways of pushing through and being the martyr, the pleaser (a lot of the time to feel loved and valued), ignoring the needs of the self and our own self-care just can’t continue anymore, we are literally mentally, emotionally and physically feeling the effect of this if we keep avoiding or resisting the change that is calling. Connection with yourself, your heart, taking time to pause get out in nature and greater care for the body, the vessel that houses our light being is becoming vital to our health and to how we are able to navigate the higher frequency energy the planet is receiving. The thing is the more you care for and love yourself the better you are able to care for others, it’s a win/win, and the stronger and more present, in your power and connected to the magic you are you will feel.

Ask your body today “What do you need?”, ask your heart today “What you do need?” and know that what you receive is right. Just notice if your mind instantly goes to avoid or fob off the message, tell you that you don’t have time. Everything can be adjusted a five minute walk outside taking in some deep grounding breaths is better than none, it only takes five minutes to reset and centre come back within. What will you commit to yourself to do to better your overall being to shake a bit of the density off? Today get outside if you can, move your body, take deep breaths in and out exhale the staleness breath in life. Stretch your arms to the sky and feel the sun on your face. Drink lots of water to flush the system through, if you don’t like water then add something to it to make it more palatable for you.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of Pexels.com)