The Fire Has Been Lit – Manifestation Energies are at Play

22nd March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Ohh the energies of fire, standing in one’s strength truth and power stream through today. I feel it deep within the body the stirring within the solar plexus but a stirring of a different kind than last week’s shaking of things rising up for attention. There is a fire being lit within the belly, do you connect with it, do you feel it or maybe you are just aware of a different feeling within you but haven’t really worked out what or why it is, you don’t have to. The spark has been lit within many, the fire rising as you are moving within greater conscious awareness of the Soul you are, your divinity. The Soul self and the human self walking closely together within all you experience and so you are making choices and decisions that are more aligned and serving than just engaging the human self and the mental mind and reacting and acting from unconscious programming. You may find that this week shows you or you are better able to see where you have been resisting or procrastinating.

These energies at play feel very much manifestation energies swirling, so if you feel called remember we co-create with Source (God, the Divine, the Universe). Take your heart intentions and put them out there, act when it feels aligned or you are guided to, when you feel that inner knowing rise up through the heart take action, a step and allow Source as it does its part in co-creation to build on your intentions and ideas.Creative energies are bouncing around so you may over the next few days feel intuitively drawn to immerse yourself in what lights you up, to finally for some dive in and explore what you like or what hold a spark of fascination, or dream to you. For some it may be the signal that it is time to finish off that project or idea and allow it to be birthed.

For those that have the Divinity Code I feel to say connect with its Light, breathe it in and allow it to fill you, to spread into every cell and space of your being, see it as you and as a part of you. The light essence you are. Within this year of rapid change and quickening already we are gaining such greater awareness of the self, higher wisdom and insights that are flooding in due to all that the collective and individually we are experiencing.Feel that fire within you and allow it to propel you forward with courage, strength, power and Love.

Much love to all xxx

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