Todays Messages – Balance the Inner

14th October 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

What is occurring in your outer reality, that which is external to you is pretty much out of your control. To help you navigate it and not feel so emotionally, mentally a part of the outer reality chaos within this time of such deep shifting and change occurring we are called to find inner balance, to come back within. It may seem a constant message to come back within but this is because this is our centre. The more you are able to come back and centre, balance and align your inner realm the more you are able to witness, be within but not deeply attached to the outer goings on around you. (Don’t mistake this for not caring or ignoring its quite the opposite). It is your beautiful inner peace that allows you to navigate your outer experiences with awareness, knowing, truth and yet divine detachment that allows you to move within all with greater love, to serve yourself and others with greater empowered peaceful strength.

Our attachment to our physical and material desires can separate us further from our presence within love as we become fixated on obtaining, doing, controlling to feel worthy, supported and safe. Find greater balance. Balance calls us to come back to the heart to connect with what is important and necessary for survival and what is feeding the egoic self. Feel, be the radiant expression of love that you are, spread kindness, compassion, understanding and bring strength to those that feel within a weakened state, that may be feeling a sense of hopelessness. Give the gift of your love and empower those to see their own strength, courage, and love. No one is alone we are all intrinsically connected.

Those little doubts and fears, those ones that connect with your sense of self-worth may be rising up, all is okay they do so to be cleared and released. These are attached to old stories that you have been carrying for quite a while, some for lifetimes. You have been slowly detaching from these, layer by layer thread by thread, always revealing to you so you can come back to truth. Keep releasing and keep realising your truth, re-read yesterdays messages they say. See any mistruths which tell you that you are anything less than the already worthy, perfect being of love you were created as, for what they are. They only serve to separate you from yourself.

“I (your name) AM worthy, I AM complete, I AM a sovereign being of pure Divine Light.”

“I stand in my powerful love, I AM courageous”.

Keep your hearts open. With Much Love xxx

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