Time to Give to Yourself & Slow it down?

27th November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

A little pop in to have a deeper look, connect with the heart for a little guidance and not to brush it off if you are trying to make something happen and you have been coming up against blocks or diversions. Is what you are being guided to see here Spirits way of communicating that it may not be the way, the time, or for you? There are other things and other ways, the right timing, try not to force what is being show as either not ready, not the right time, or not a part of the divine plan for you.

If you are feeling a little mentally full, overwhelmed or tired is it time to listen to your body and step back, slow it down a bit, support and nurture your needs and give to yourself a few hours, the gift of time out in meditation, stillness, just being not doing. It has been another huge month and as we come into December later next week you may feel all that you have navigated this November calling you loudly for a little break before you enter the last month of 2022.

You are more aware of your growth, more in tune with yourself so keep listening, self-awareness continuing to expand, your human-Soul connection feels closer as you are more and more aware that you are Spirit in physical being and of the power you do hold to create in your life, to create with the Light you hold. Honour what you need if you feel guided to step back for as we come into the festive period and closer to the end of the year you don’t want to feel burnt out before it even begins.

Continue to take the reins and step further into being the heart led leader in and of your life that you are, the power, the light, the love that you are. Continue to give yourself permission to speak honestly and freely, allowing yourself to ‘be you’, keep showing up authentically beautiful being.

Express what the heart is calling to be expressed, so it can start to let go of, particularly within your close relationships lest resentments come to the surface in a reactionary way. You are honouring yourself and your needs more so where this has been unbalanced in your life your relationships may start to show as it comes to the surface for change and healing. Its time.

Much Love xxx

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